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  1. A swarm of 20,000 bees followed a car for two days in 1998 because their queen bee was stuck inside…. and I can’t even get a date.

    1. I am thinking about dropping out of school to focus on my career as a star on YouTube. I already make a lot of money on YouTube. School bores me so much. I need more opinions and since I don’t have any friends, I gotta ask you, eam

    1. You do know there are a bunch of Sherlock Holmes games that are pretty much this right? Only without all the killing bc Sherlock Holmes don’t go around just murdering a bunch.

    2. @Fi Only remember the one where you unlocked disguises and had sneaking mini games to pad out the bones of a basic ‘adventure game’

  2. This was the best part of the live stream and you seemed to really like this mission, which made it all the more greater and fun to watch 😁

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