51 ответ к «HITMAN™ 3 Master Difficulty — Sapienza, Italy (Silent Assassin Suit Only)»

  1. New HITMAN 3 video for the legacy map Sapienza on master difficulty and silent assassin suit only, using a different route from the old videos this time.

  2. I have a question, how much download size will it take for Hitman (2016), Hitman 2 (2018) maps to be carried over to Hitman 3?

    1. @DanGun You can play all maps in offline mode, H3 is just more optimized (removed duplicates, separate Mk2 models and other useless files)

    1. Facts bro each time I see it I’m learning something new. Didn’t know you can cause a panic state mixed with chaos if you shot an enemy a few times while you’re out of their visibility. I thought they would’ve tied the disguise to him but they didn’t.

  3. Silent Assassin Suit:
    — Half-naked
    — Big ass costume

    And new add to the collection
    — Clown with the least distractable and detectable color (bright red)

  4. Guys that’s impossible.. How does he make it silent assassin when he blows the targets up right infront of the body guards and get noticed several times!

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