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    1. I play on just a base PS4. The only real noteworthy bug I’ve experienced has been that detection is sometimes weird. Not extremely common, but I have been detected or almost detected through solid walls and floors even and I don’t remember that happening in past entries.
      It’s been pretty smooth sailing for me otherwise.
      And I dunno if I’d call it a bug, but since it’s always online, sometimes I disconnect from the servers and a menu pops up mid mission asking me to re-connect, which it does every time and quite quickly, so hardly the end of the world.

  1. I’ve watched your stream recently and I remember you saying that in HITMAN 3 pistol selection doesn’t matter, could you (or anyone else who knows) tell me why? Was there some balance changes that made Kruger/Silverballer worse?

  2. You guys remember when Yanderedev made a vid about this game stating that this elimanation method does’nt make sence because you can start off with a gun but not with a screwdriver and than Kappakaiju had respond by explaining that the reason why you can’t start of with a screwdriver is because of balance and because this elimanation method is the best 1 in this mission?🤭

    Good times😌

  3. Awesome run! This makes it super easy, never actually did this myself cos I chose to make it hard on myself and pacify half the map lol, you always find super easy strats gj

  4. This could probably be an easy sniper assassin if you have a fast shooting rifle
    Edit: I really wish they let you lay down with the rifle, it would make getting spotted a lot less of a pain.

  5. After you are finished rerouting all these easy suit only SA, perhaps as a fun service to yourself or as an upcoming April Fools joke, do like a “super hard, really long” SA that involves 47 just following the targets the whole time in a santa claus suit

  6. I found this method independently in 2, but I didn’t use emetic poison to get everyone out. I just knocked the technicians out as they tried to restart the servers.

  7. This was the way I did it my self , and its the first time ive seen anyone else do it on YouTube, although I then sedated everyone in the room and walked down to kill them, it didn’t cross my mind to use the accident kill 😂

    1. @k a I saw a challenge to poison all targets and also I realised you could mess with the server room so I snuck down there the worst possible way, but did it eventually 😂

  8. just realized i didnt get to level 20 mastery — just went from 17 to 19. thanks freeze and 90/500 in the leaderboard. Also unlocked the total server collapse challenge as well.

  9. Mr.freeze. love the content you put out. Really great stuff. What interest me is your process of working out how to best get around each map. Have you or would you ever make a video on how you do what you do? The process involved.

  10. It seems to me that the textures and whatnot in Hitman 3 legacy maps pop in later than they used to in Hitman 2.

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