Hitman 3- Final Mission Untouchable All 3 Endings ( Carpathian Mountains Master Difficulty )

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  1. I would like to say I am first but I am probably not, but what I can say is thank you professional for this hitman walkthrough.

  2. hi Pro, here 42 seconds after release and looking really forward to finishing the series! I loved it so much! Keep up the good work.

  3. Sometimes when I can’t sleep and I’m bored I go to your channel and watch your videos ty for helping me kill long nights or boredom

  4. Another walkthrough in the books thank you pro for the awesome content. Excellent for the socom walkthrough a great game back in the day can’t wait.

    1. I think there will be dlc . I think this is the end . 47 is free of the ICA and providence . He is free to make his own decisions.

  5. So um, my crush rejected me, I don’t feel bad about it, it felt as though it was meant to happen and we r still friends tho, but I don’t want to change that as well so I don’t know how to feel!

    1. I’m a strong believer that things happen for a reason. Chances are you’re young, you’ll get plenty of opportunity to get someone else. Take some time, play some video games, and relax man. You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take, and you shot your shot. Takes a lot of courage to do what you did. Just keep on trucking man.

  6. Good this is the end. Where is the cayo perico heist guide? There are a lot of things you didn’t cover. And it has been 40 videos and a month since your last GTA video. Dude! I am not forcing you to do only GTA. But please, do some GTA content! You have lots of things to cover. I don’t wanna be spammed with videos in my subscription that I don’t wanna watch. It has been way too long. You didn’t even give a review. At least give some guides, do some livestreams, and give a review of the DLC before abandoning GTAO! You didn’t also upload the sparrow review. Do you know how hardly I want a guide and a review? I have seen all of your top 5s at least 2-3 times. Please. Make a 2021 updated beginner’s guide please. Make top-5s too. You have made 2021 gold grinding guide for RDO but you don’t bother updating your older guides for GTAO. Hitman is epic but I hate stealth. Its story is awesome but I don’t like this kinda hard stealth. It is so boring and not fun. But the story is good. GTAO’s stealth is way better and more fun.

    1. I will have the review of Cayo perico as well as the review of that Soviet truck . As for the sparrow review . I talked about it in my top 5 vehicles everyone should own in 2021. I do not know if I will make a guide on cayo perico as so many people already have. You don’t seem to be excited by my San Andreas videos and judging by the fact that you said “good this is the end “. It seems like you don’t care at all about my hitman content. That hurts I don’t want my Chanel to be dependent on just gta online. I have stated this several times . I don’t understand if you like me so much for gta online content why you do not try the other content .

  7. “Everyone is noticing me” Personally I try to ignore people with sub-machine gun on their backs because I don’t want to be rude

    1. @TheProfessional please could you do a redo of the suit only missions but with disguises? It’s my favorite approach 9/10 times and maybe you could do a poll. This game is awesome and even better played properly like you do.

  8. I enjoyed this series so much, very useful at the same time, when are you planning on doing the project 007 game when it releases?

  9. You gotta love the Constants panicked reaction when 47 injects him with the serum after seeing him throughout your playthrough of him acting smug, entitled, confident, and clever. Acting in such that way because he had all the power; like nothing can touch or topple him over other than a systematic change of seat, but just like what Diana said: «No one is untouchable.»

  10. I hope that I’m going to see GTA Liberty City Stories, GTA VICE CITY STORIES, and GTA III videos from The Professional some days

  11. Loved the series Pro! I bought the first two Hitman games I can’t wait to play them. Afterwards, I’ll pick up Hitman 3 when I finish the first two.

  12. The bad ending sucs all of 47 works gose way in less than a minute i enjoy the ending where you remove all of Edwards memories

  13. OMG yes i knew it shes good !
    this was amazing .

    i hope sometime down the road, there is a one-shot DLC story revisiting this world

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