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    1. I’m not too sure it’s worth it. If I did, I wouldn’t wanna do any close up bs point blank snipes. It would be nice to do Sniper Assassin on each map in a more sniper-y way

    2. @MrFreeze2244 That would be more fun to watch. The SO/SA/SniA routes are just SO/SA except you use a silenced sniper. Which is neat for getting the challenge done, but ultimately not that fun. I’d love to see a series where you find good vantage points and play like a real sniper.

  1. Hi, anyone knows what hitman 3 edition do I have to purchase in epic games store to have also hitman 1 and hitman 2 maps? Or I have to purchase the game + the expansion? Thanks.

    1. @MrFreeze2244 ok, because I always had hitman in ps4, so I understand that if I put mi IOI account in pc hitman 3 I’ill get all the content right?

    1. @MrFreeze2244 oh, also I’ve noticed while playing the old maps that some of the map layouts are glitch. Like a whole floor won’t show. But I think the one that kind of annoys me a it is that on isle of sigal, you can get stuck in corners and walls

    2. @MrFreeze2244 yeah yeah yeah. I was doing dartmoor and I was at the part where the guard is flirting with the maid. And some how the maid was spotting me. Its kind of annoying but I’m pretty sure io will fix it soon

  2. I have done this all In Hitman 2 but for anyone who hasn’t Great walkthrough of all hitman 1 maps so have a great day and keep up the good work Freeze

  3. I love seeing your gameplay videos, man. I know you only like to upload finished and polished products but I think an occasional longer video of you trying out an escalation or contract for the first time could be fun!

  4. Well. I didn’t know you can destroy the virus in Sapienza with a simple Remote EMP. Is there more to that or is it really just that? Love the speedrun though.

  5. Too legendary. Though second and third seasons are brilliant, first one looks nostalgic and great. Reminds of all that waiting for new maps, elusive targets, new escalations

  6. I like how you just go for a casual stroll through Marrakesh and helped the fortune teller out while waiting for Zaydan to eat. Nice video buddy!

    P.s. Fuck Bangkok and Ken Morgan lol

  7. Think you’ll be rerouting the extra missions, like House Built on Sand, Landslide, Patient Zero, etc? Just curious.

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