100 ответов к «AGENT 47 SAVES DIANA | HITMAN 3 GAMEPLAY #5»

  1. The next mission is going to be the last mission of Hitman 3. After Diana kills agent 47 with poison in this video, 47 wakes up and gains consciousness in a train in the middle of a trapped forest area. He manages to escape the trap and starts killing Providence’s private security members. Eventually, he finally makes his way to Edwards and kills him. One year later, Diana finally becomes The Constant and destroys all the proofs of Agent 47’s crimes. Both Diana and Agent 47 decide to erase their past. As the story concludes, Agent 47 can be seen speaking to Diana on a phone suggesting that he will continue to be an assassin as there will always be some like Edwards in this world.
    Happy and hopeful ending.
    The next mission is going to be the last one.

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